Wine can at times seem intimidating, rigidly structured, sometimes inaccessible, and often ritualized. 

Yet wine’s strength lies in its essence, an essence marrying the past to the present, a blend of memories, shared moments and discoveries that becomes richer with time and experience.

Le Vin Nécessaire is a personal shopping service designed and tailored exclusively for you.

Our mission is for you to discover wine through a sensory experience aimed at refining your unique senses of perception. 

Without pretence or compromise, we offer you the exclusive services of a private sommelier to guide you through the world of wine.


Purchasing and cellaring

Bespoke procurement services, sourcing your wines from the best private importers.

Constantly guiding you with your personality in mind, providing a unique service for enhancing special occasions, large and small.

Creating a wine cellar especially for you.
Constantly improving it.



Wine tasting is an art that progressively refines the senses.

Le Vin Nécessaire will initiate you to the art of tasting, and help you master it. Each session will allow you to better grasp tasting techniques and improve your descriptive vocabulary, so you can fully express your appreciation of fine wine.


Exposed to a mix of cultures and open to the world since childhood, Daniela’s backstory has been shaped by multiple influences.

Le Vin Nécessaire offers a kaleidoscopic journey through the world of wine, experienced and narrated through the prism of Daniela’s past and personality, and filled with exquisite discoveries.

A holder of the prestigious WSET 4 award “with Merit” from the London-based Wine & Spirit Education Trust, the Steven Spurrier prize for expertise in still wines, and the Master de Rioja du Consejo Regulador certification, Daniela has worked as a sommelier in Montreal on behalf of private wine importers, showcasing her talents as a specialist in Italian and American wines (N.A.S.A. California).